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Newton's Alchemy and the Armageddon of the Human Mind
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Newton's Dream Realised and the Completion of Scriptural Prophetic Archetypology to enable Universal Reconfiguration


"The most significant event in human history with respect to extraterrestrial intelligence within the greater universe, was the application of nuclear technology and science in the detonation of the two atomic bombs 'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man'over Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945 and Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945 respectively.

The 'observing' extraterrestrial intelligence then understood, that the 'human seeds' had indeed found 'new toys' in their 'playground' on the 'aliens' exiled 'mother planet' to use in their mental ignorance regarding their stewardship of the 'planet of the humanoid seed'.

But the 'watchers' and the 'gardeners' also knew, that this 'new wartoy' of the nuclear energy misapplied, had initiated the 'timeline' they had known would one day allow the humanoid mentality to progress from the 'supernaturality meme complex' to its antistate of the 'naturalis inferus'.

Soon the scientific paradigm would transmute into a globally applicable 'new religion', which would render the old memes of the 'supernatural' as superfluous archetype.

In its place would be the meme of a new mental archetype, which had, (in that subgroup of the humanoids, which began to understand the implications of the new technological inventions) transmuted the 'supernaturality virus' into a viral neuronal infection known as CIS-HSI or 'Complex Inferioris Syndrome Homo Sapiensis Insanus' by the extraterrestrial observers.

This meme infection of the cis-hsi would so begin to 'war against' the old meme infection of the supernaturality virus, also known as the CSS-HSI or 'Complex Superioris Syndrome Homo Sapiensis Insanus'.

The old meme infection had resulted in a worldview of considering the external environment as superior and controlling relative to the humanoid realms of understanding; and the new meme infection induced the opposite, the idea of the humanoid worlds beginning to control and dominate the exterior environments.

However this human mentality also induced a 'false humility', namely the idea, that to consciously and in full awareness of the 'self' as human individuation to continue the 'controlling of the terrestrial environment'; ANY notion of a 'greater encompassing' intelligence had to become 'supernaturalised' and so exiled into the realm of the meme infection of the 'others', the other humanoids, suffering the css-hsi insanity infection.

Relegating the human existence to a relative insignificance as compared to the extraterrestrial universe would instil the idea of a 'false humility' before the 'grandeur of the encompassing cosmos' in the new 'highpriests' of the new global religion of organised and politico-economical associated academia establishment.

Then the 'intelligentsia' would begin to dominate and seek to control all information shared with the 'uninitiated' lower classes and including the 'other' meme infected humanoids, suffering, like themselves, from an eonold virus, causing CSI-NMO or Complexus Syndroma Insanus -Nil Memoria Originalis.

The mental disease, the extraterrestrials knew was confined to the quarantined humanoid planet and as the Meme-Virus, which prevented the infected carrier to remember their origins, causing a comatose forgetfulness.

Both humanoid meme- infections parasited the homo sapiens insanus genus however and prevented this typology to metamorphose into 'Wise Man' in the genotype of Homo Sapiens Sapiens and as originally targeted by the gardeners at the time of the planting.

But the harvest would now become possible in the teleological projection of the TimeWave Zero.

67.29 years from the midpoint of the 'Day of no Return' - when the cis-hsi meme was born in the humanoid war-experiment; the harvest for the gardners would begin.

August/7-8, 1945 67 years 106 days = November/21-22, 2012 as the 'Day of Ophis', the Day of Dinah, the 13th starsign, the Day of the 'Serpent-Tamer' and of the 'Water-Bearer', preparing the 'Last Supper' and the 'Seder' for the 'Wedding Feast' of the gardeners, ready to return to 'Solomon's Garden' to join the 'Dark Madonnas' upon their 'Light-Red Mares' to their 'White Lucifers' upon their 'Black-Pale Horses'."

Ode of Solomon's Running Water to Maria's Wings of Eagles


It is of limited value to parade the scientific discipline as the rational and impartial paradigm for the future; if that same worldview proves itself incapable to elucidate or to explain the most of elementary questions asked or problems faced by the now globalised citizen, placing hisher hope and expectation into that projected future.

And the overwhelming problem facing mankind at the beginning of the 21st century is that of its own philosophy.

'Where are we now as a race?', 'Where are we going ?' and 'Where did we come from?' are some common questions asked, but not answered by the expert authorities in organised politics, science, culture and religion.

Why do we seem incapable, despite having built a monumental edifice called the scientific way and methodology; and notwithstanding the progressing technology derived from that; why then can that same worldview not answer a simple question like: "If there is such a thing as God, as so many of us have been told, then where and what is it?"

We find an evolved human genetic disposition to form allegiances and to carry and ascribe to certain beliefs, often founded or exposited by certain individuals or groups.

Kings and knights, magicians, clerics and sages of old have transformed into the experts and advisors of the new.

Consultancy has become the catch-phrase, often stifling the natural curiousity to find answers for one's own questions in a denial of one's own creative impulses in an adventure of self-discovery.

Today, we find the allegiances to political ideologies, religious dogmas or some other culturally based agenda.

All those liasons and associations have something in common however; they all become coloured in the individuals which belong to them.

Redemption from this filtered state of affairs is found in a paradigm which is based on the precept of disallowing personality to individualise the work to be done or to colour the information to be collected as one's personal archive or one's private library of creation, subject to one's own individual fancies and desires.

Albert Einstein once remarked: "The greatest trouble in the world is the idea of a personal God!"

And so one might agree with the depersonification of Albert Einstein's 'God', whom he rather affectionately called: "The Old One" and of whom he also said: "God does not play dice with the world", referring to his rejection of the idea that life and nature's processes are intrinsically arbitrary in an universe defined by chance and random events.

He thought of 'God' as being the intelligence behind the natural laws of nature, as found in the sciences and the mathematics which he studied and he believed that nature had to be based in geometrical principles, rather than in probabilities defined in statistics and stochastic matrices.

And there were others before and after him; Plato and Aristotle; Pythagoras, the Greek geometers and Niels Bohr, Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg, all contemporaries of Albert Einstein with Paul Dirac, Max Born and Wolfgang Pauli in their contributions to the birth of quantum mechanics.

The symmetries in nature, numbers and sequences and fundamental constants; all seem finetuned and set into relationships with one another to create the universe and all the cosmological entities within it.

And one should not forget another genius of contemporary science in Isaac Newton.

But what the modern world has tried to forget and to sequester away under an umbrella of a perceived historical ignorance, was the immense interest Isaac Newton, the father of all of classical mechanics, had in the concepts of religion.

And what is the modern moral evaluation by his peers, judging a man whom they portray to the students of science as having had no equal in his time in regards to his scientific work, inventions and mathematical insights?

His power of pure intellect, like Einstein's, is often used to exemplify the necessity for logical thought and concentration in the pursuit of scientific and mathematical excellence by the students in those fields.

Is it embarrassing to tell the full story; that Isaac Newton spent months at a time trying to decipher scrolls, like the 'Book of Daniel' and the 'Book of Revelation' in the bible?

"He must have been deluded in the religious fervour of his age!", they would have said.

But was he?

Could a mathematical prodigy like Isaac Newton have been so gullible?

Isn't it more likely, that he sensed that there was something to it - and that it had to be scientific?!

Isaac Newton's 'God' is the same as Albert Einstein's 'God' and yet it is completely impersonal.

It must be, by the definition of the working ethic!

But is it?

Could it be possible, that once the 'God of Science' has become totally impersonal, that then this same 'God' is reborn in a 'God of OmniScience', who allows, even demands a personification, because of its own definition?

And what if that had been the masterplan throughout the ages anyway?

Can we then ever know and understand such a masterplan?

And what if all the clerical authorities around the globe are forced by their own followers to take notice?

What if modern science can prove to them that their 'Allah' and 'Jehovah' and Yahwhey and 'Brahma' and 'Baha' and 'Krishna' and 'Ra' and 'Osiris' and 'Set' and 'The Big Goat behind the Old Oaken Tree in the Walpurgisnacht on April 30th' are all one and the same?

What if their scriptures and ancient scrolls became illumined in a new light of omniscience; should their powerbase not become depersonalised, if they are shown to have followed a very limited interpretation of their 'sacred texts' indeed?

Where would they go in their grandstanding of and about 'God's Law' for the 'chosen people' and for the 'infidels'?

It would be the end of falsified religious dogma and the death of manipulative religion as such.

Because omniscience is Omni-Science, the Science of 'The All' for 'The All' and the German word for the cosmos or the universe is "Das ALL" - Albert Einstein and Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli and Max Born would have liked that in their contemplations upon the natural order of things.

Albert Einstein also said: "Science without Religion is lame and Religion without Science is blind" - and this essay (and related treatizes found on this website and forums) shall try to synergise the two worldviews in a redefinition of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and its statistical nature within a geometrical interpretation of quantum mechanics.

And then would peace between the nations have a chance, because the demise of the old religions and the already internationally accepted profundity of the scientific way and methodology.

Like music, dance or mathematics, a new language would sweep the old world of hate and dispossession, the ways of disempowerment and disbelief under the carpet of the illumination of a new base of knowledge.

A new song would be sung and the nations and tribes and families at war with each other could embrace one another in a new way of looking at the world around themselves and their individuated places within it.

And all the many things they had learned from their history through the ages of humankind; all their legends, myths and fables, their religions and their sciences; all would become integrated within themselves in a renewed understanding and the death of their ignorance regarding themselves.

This essay then shall fulfil Isaac Newton's Dream of Alchemy; the decipherment of his obsession to synthesise his religious faith with his mathematical and scientific insights and geniality.

A detailed alphanumeric decoding key for Isaac Newton's Alchemy is:

(A,J,S,B*,K*,T*,....)=(1,10,19,28,37,46,...) and as an archetypical tensor Ai=1j;

(B,K,T,C*,L*,U*,...)=(2,11,20,29,38,47,...) and as an archetypical tensor Bi=2j;

(C,L,U,D*,M*,V*,...)=(3,12,21,30,39,48,...) and as an archetypical tensor Ci=3j;

(D,M,V,E*,N*,W*,...)=(4,13,22,31,40,49,...) and as an archetypical tensor Di=4j;

(E,N,W,F*,O*,X*,...)=(5,14,23,32,41,50,...) and as an archetypical tensor Ei=5j;

(F,O,X,G*,P*,Y*,...)=(6,15,24,33,42,51,...) and as an archetypical tensor Fi=6j;

(G,P,Y,H*,Q*,Z*,...)=(7,16,25,34,43,52,...) and as an archetypical tensor Gi=7j;

(H,Q,Z,I*,R*,A**,...)=(8,17,26,35,44,53,...) and as an archetypical tensor Hi=8j;

(I,R,A*,J*,S*,B**,...)=(9,18,27,36,45,54,...) and as an archetypical tensor Ii=9i.

This key will be extensively used to give interpretative meanings to decoded scriptural hieroglyphics, say as in the example below:


The Hebrew Torah and the Christian Bible are not historical records of particular chronologies; but they (and many similar recordings) are ALLEGORIES built on ARCHETYPES.

The physical universe came into existence THROUGH and by those archetypes manifesting in their energizations in divers manners.

For example the biochemical DNA (DeoxyriboNucleicAcid) manifests a physical [Hardware] energization (by and through the 'Laws of Nature') of a quasi-physical [Software] Construction-PROGRAM.

The quasi-physicality is like an ARCHITECTURE, which the 'Hardware of Life' can utilize as its 'Software, often termed 'Spirit' or the animating 'LifeForce' or Chi or Prana or Orgone or Mitogenetic Radiation.

This 'Spirit' is encoded in the scriptures as the 'Energy of God' and uses a TEMPLATE- or BLUEPRINT-CODE to manifest geometrical structure from its template form, say as in a biochemically interacting 'Blueprint for Life' and as the PHYSICALISED DNA of nucleotidal alphabets and basepairings.

The entire universe is a manifested 'spiritual template' and so is energized by this 'spirit' in multitudinous substructures and interrelationships between geometric forms and energy distributions.

This Isaac Newton knew and he attempted to discover this 'spirit' within and through the physical apparatus he invented and designed he sought to 'bring forth' the 'glory of God' in mathematical relationships and the 'Laws of Nature'.

This essay shall satisfy Newton's hunger to 'lay bare' the timelines so succinctly encoded and occultised in the prophetic books of the (King James) bible and Isaac Newton's own encoding shall exemplify him as one of the last genuine 'Natural Philosophers' - a real scientist, who finds no quarrels between the scientific methodology of experiment and verification and the spiritual insights and 'knowingness' of and about that 'encompassing unity' named 'God' and 'Jesus'.

The biblical encoded timeline is fourfold and should not be analysed in isolated parts.

The four parts, all describe the same timeline with characterisations archetyped and as elucidated following the next few Ezekielean paragraphs.

The timeline will begin to particularise on December 1st, 2009 and will INTENSIFY from January 18th, 2010 and for this reason; clarification about the possible manifestations will be given under this threaded banner of Isaac Newton's Dream of Alchemy as this timeline progresses towards its major completion on April 1st, 2012.

From December 1st, 2009; the collective groupmind of planet earth will become 'besieged' and the MENTAL ARMAGEDDON will begin INDIVIDUALISED for all and sundry, but collectified in a 'mental atmosphere' surrounding the planetary environs.

The 'invading extraterrestrial army' is something, that is already present within the planetary 'Noosphere', but is necessitated to remain 'cocooned' for the reason of 'noncompletion' of that timeline.

It is simply a gestation period for a 'planetary embryo' and a 'Cosmic Baby' of whom ALL inhabitants of earth are part of and in whose destiny ALL are testified to share.

The baby's birth is programmed to occur on December 21st, 2012 to align a gestation period to a timewarped conception programmed to be mirrored in a historical timeline of January 6th, 6BC (coinciding with orthodox-Julian Chrismas festivities as 12 days from civil-Gregorian Christmas festivities).

75 Days from this (Coming of the Wise Magi) date is the civil spring equinox of March 20th, 6BC to timewarp onto the winter solstice on December 21st, 2012.

There will thus be a 75 day extension of the winter solstice 2012 to map the timewarped initialisation onto March 6th, 2013.

From December 21st, 2012 a circle year of exactly 360 Days will calibrate all calendrical system in the Great Platonic Precession of 26,000 Platonic Years being 9,360,000 Days.

This will pinpoint the last 1300 Mayan Kin in 45 Full Moons and 44 New Moons in the Last Full Moon of December 16th, 2013 as Kin #1300 and beginning at the First Full Moon of May 27th, 2013 as Kin #1.

At that time then, the newborn 'Cosmic Baby' (of a new starhumanity) shall be 'fully weaned'.

The prophesied 'Destruction of Armageddon' will become 'common nous' in the release of a 'disaster movie' called '...2012...'.

The 'physical' calamities as depicted in that film can all be avoided, both in intensity and in scope. This depends overall on the mental discipline and maturity exhibited by all and sundry during those 'end times'.

Should one render matches to immature children playing in sandpits, throwing rocks and sand at each other; then it is likely, that the matches might burn the children and the shared environs in different outcomes.

It is the mental Armageddon, which CANNOT be avoided. Every individual personality within the besieged city of Jerusalem-Terrestrialis will be confronted by the 'DevilGod within' and is required to 'pay the dues of having and being within the environment of the latter's 'kingdom'.

The first siege will end and begin a second siege on February 12th, 2011. This second siege will be more psychosomatic and some individuals might 'loose their heads'. Further details shall be published under this thread when so appropriate and following this introduction.

I. Noah's Timeline of 370 7 Days:


II. Ezekiel's Timeline of 430 7 Days:


This timeline defines the ARCHETPED Egyptian Captivity of 430 Years as 430 Days 7 DayYears. This timeline defines the 'turning around' from left to right (Hebrew writing is from right to left) at the nodal mirrors in 390 40=40 390=430.

Archetype=Witnessing Prophet=Moses(with Aaron as Levitical Twin)Moses=Ezekiel=Daniel=Noah= ...=Adam=Noah=Abram=Abraham=Isaac=Jacob=Israel=....

III. Daniel's Timeline of the 2x1335=2670 Days:


This timeline encompasses Noah's Timeline and Ezekiel's Timeline. It begins in the link given in Matthew.24.15,27-28 superposing the New Testament (NT) onto the Old Testament (OT) in Danieland ends with Noah's Rainbow Covenant (NRC) in Genesis.8.14-22;9.9-15.

IV. John's Timeline of the Revelation:

This timeline encompasses the other timelines, but allows extension of the warptime loop following the preparation for the 'final confrontation' at Megiddo. It so 'passes' the 'insemination' of the 'Old Earth' in the NRC and includes the 'labour pains' and 'birth pains' of the 'New Earth'.

Many scriptural characters did not exist as physical personages. These includes Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron and Joshua.

The extensive genealogy of Chronicles and Kings is valid only as ARCHETYPICAL lineages and deriving from the beforementioned archetypes.

The Egyptian captivity of the Nation Israel represents an archetyped and symbolic captivity of all and sundry Israelites and where all personages ever existing are RENAMED 'Israel' from Jacob (or Abraham from Abram with Sarah from Sarai).

All human identities ARE ISRAEL from the common archetypical template scripturally and spiritually-energetically defined.

The Assyrian and Babylonian captivities ARE historically factual, but again, many named characters are not actual historical personages, but represents an archetype under selftransformation to suit the historical chronological contexts.

The scriptural encoding begins to describe real historical personages from the timing of the FIRST ISRAELITIC KINGDOM in SAUL-DAVID-SOLOMON from about 1000 BC.

The named prophets, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel from this timeline onwards then, are double- or multi-identities, who carry besides their human persona, also the prophetic archetype, as Office of Prophet, in the historical fulfilment for the initial alchemical data transmission (which can be labeled in the Starseed of Abraham say)..

The alphanumeric encodings can be used in many (albeit neccessarily selfconsistent) arbitrary ways and divers manners to DECODE the language characteristic alchemy of scriptural hieroglyphics, which is occulted in the histories and the chronologies preserved and edited from their cosmo-hermetic beginnings and transmissions of source information.

Because a particular alphanumeracy relates the Anglosaxon-Arabic alphabet to this scriptural encoding of antiquity through the ARCHETYPED genealogy of JACOB NAME=THE JACOB=JACOB AMEN=31 33=ISRAEL=64; as the SON=48 of ISAAC=33=NAME=AMEN=IS AB*C; as the SON of ABRAM AH=35 9=I ABRAM=ABRAHAM=44=33 11=THE 1 1=8=44=22 22=11 11 11 11; the lineage of DAN=ADAM=19=1=9=10=1 0=1, as the 4th generation of Abraham-Isaac-Israel-(12 Sons 1 (named) Daughter) is used to decode the ancient alchemy (of THOTH=HERMES=MERCURY=MOSES=LEVI=GEMINI=ABC...XYZ=3rd Son of Jacob).

The Zodiac of Abraham of Mesopotamian Ur is the Ezekielean 'Office of Zadok-Melchizedek=101=5bin=Melchisedec=86=5' encoded in his Adamic lineage:

1=^=Reuben=Aries=Ram=Mars by Leah#1=Jacob#1
_=Simeon=Taurus=Bull=Venus by Leah#2=Jacob#2
`=Levi=Gemini=Twin=Hermes Trismegistos=Mercury by Leah#3=Jacob#3
a=Dan=Cancer=Crab=69=Dragon-Node=Full Moon by Bilhah#1=Jacob#5 in positional matriarchial exchange Bilhah-Leah
b=Judah=Leo=Griffin=Star=Sun by Leah#4=Jacob#4 in transmutation (breach Pharez-Zarah via Mannaseh-Ephraim via Esau-Jacob via Cain-Abel via God-God) with Leah-Bilhah
c=Gad=Virgo=Unicorn=Chiron by Zilpah#1=Jacob#7 in transmutation (breach Sodom-Gomorrah) witrh Zilpah-Bilhah
d=Napthali=Libra=Scales=96=Dragon-Anti-Node=New Moon by Bilhah#2=Jacob#6 in transmutation Bilhah-Zilpah
e=Asher=Scorpio=Eagle=Cockatrice=Pluto by Zilpah#2=Jacob#8
f=Issachar=Sagittarius=Arrow=Jupiter by Leah#5=Jacob#9 in lower transmutation (Reuben's Mandrakes) with Leah-Rachel from Zilpah-Bilhah
g=Zebulon=Capricorn=Seagoat by Leah#6=Jacob#10 in upper tranmutation (Dinah's Honour) with Rachel-Leah from Bilhah-Zilpah
[=Dinah=Ophiuchus=SerpentTamer by Leah#7=Jacob#11 as Jacob 13th SonDaughter allowing internal mirroring of DaughterSons

h=Joseph=Aquarius=WaterBearer=Uranus by Rachel#1=Jacob#12
i=Benjamin=Pisces=Fishes=Neptune by Rachel#2=Jacob#13

The Mirror date of Wednesday, March 28th, 2011 mapping the actual crucifixion day of Wednesday, March 28th, 31 AD also specifies the 70 week prophecy in Daniel.


24Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.
25Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.
26And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

27And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

We add 370 days of the Noahic timeline to and from the 'cutoff' day above to fulfil both, the 1335 1335=2670=2300 370 daycount of the timeline as decreed by the World Logos.

The Internal Processing so spans from Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 to Monday, March 28th, 2011; and the External Processing completes the warptime loop to Sunday, April 1st, 2012.

March 24th, 2010-Noah's Rainbow Covenant ( 0) = April 1st, 2012

May 18th, 2010 = Removal of the Covering ( 56) = February 5th, 2012

June 23rd, 2010 = Dove of Peace ( 36) = December 31st, 2011

June 30th, 2010 = Raven Searches ( 7) = December 24th, 2011

July 7th, 2010 = Land Appears ( 7) = December 17th, 2011

August 16th, 2010 = Waters Sink ( 40) = November 7th, 2011

October 29th, 2010 = Mount Ararat ( 74) = August 25th, 2011

February 16th, 2011 = End of Rising Flood ( 110) = May 7th, 2011

March 28th, 2011 = Flood Begins ( 40) = March 28th, 2011

EZEKIEL=73=U**=U* 26=U* Z=U Z Z=21+52


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