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The Secret of the Extraterrestrial Life
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Planet Earth, ETs and the Akashic Sphere of the Remembrances

Indeed, the Akashic Record is often misunderstood and misinterpreted; as it is a 'quantum event'; meaning it is connected not only to the planetary consciousness, called Gaia, but to all 'souls' of the linear past, present and future.

All souls are quantum entangled, meaning that many nested collective and encompassing energies interact holographically.

In simple words; all souls in a planetary realm are part of and enveloped by the Gaian planetary consciousness.

Then all planetary consciousnesses with their integrated 'soul families' and individual souls become integrated in a solar star consciousness; becoming galactic, groupgalactic and supergalactic before unifying in the cosmic- or universal consciousness of the Genesis Monad splitting into a Creator-Creation Duality, which then recombines in a Creator-Creation Duad as a Shadow Monad and potentialized in the original Genesis Monad in what might be termed the Cosmic Genome of the 'Masterplan'.

Then the Gaia Akash or soul-collective becomes the repository of this 'Masterplan' in holographically Imaging the rest of the universe in what Kryon calls the 'Inner Crystal'; which by necessity must so be within every individuated soul incarnated within the Gaian 'Noosphere' or 'the Quarantine Zone' defined as the Lagrangian P1 point between the Solar and the Gaian nexus of gravitational potential equilibrium.

The balance of the gravity between the central Sun and Gaia as a 3D planet so defines two interacting spheres in higherD spacetime.

In particular, this L1 nexus can be defined in an alternative higher dimensional form; showing what this 'Cosmic Mother Planet' Gaia represents as a higher D and not as a necessarily physicalised 'Quantum Energy'.

The cosmogenesis of the birth of the universe in a Quantum Big Bang from a prior undefinable VOID=Infinitum coincided with the bifurcation of the FatherMother (just a common label for the CreatorCreation or the YinYang say) into an Outside-Inside dimensional split; something termed 'The Veil' by some and the 'Dividing of the Firmaments' in say Genesis in the Torah (OT).

So the Outside Father became 'separated' from the Inside Mother and this Inside Mother is termed Gaia in many accounts as the Universal Mother for all Life (ET and human and nonhuman terrestrial); with the Outside father being associated with the names of the Creator such as God, Jehovah, Allah, Ahura Mazda, Shiva,  Brahman and so on.

This is 'common knowledge' and has been a foundational part of the so called 'Perennial Philosophy' aka the 'Wisdom of the Ancients' throughut the histories of the cosmic sentiences.

What has not been known, is the 3D dimensional intersection of the Akash with its higherD envelope.

This interaction realm defines the 'Quarantine Zone' of Gaia; established necessarily at the birth of the universe into physicality and so 15 billion years before the local galaxy and subsequently the local solar system and the planet earth entered 3D physical existence.

The birth of the universe engaged a higher dimensional lightspeed expansion of a then physicalised spacetime from the outside into the inside.

This then resulted in a Big Bang Cosmology as being rediscovered by the Gaian scientists and astrophysicists.

However this outside-in cosmo mechanics had to be mirrored in a inside-out cosmo mechanics and this by conservation and equilibrium principles required the Inversion of the Big Bang expansion in a lightspeed inverson centered on the Mirror Image of the 'Creator-Monad' or 'God' and as the 'Creation-Monad' - namely Gaia, the Cosmic Goddess.


Then a simple calculation of this inversion lightspeed as the 'Big Crunch' of the higher dimensional cosmogenesis for the 'Big Bang' will show that the 'Gaian Quarantine Zone' is defined by an increase of a spherical bubble in a radius of about 105 millimeters per year (or about 4 inches).

{Lightspeed=c=300,000 kilometers per second for 1/c=0.00000333...  inverse kilometers per second or about 3.33 nanometers per second.

As there are 365.2425  days in a Civil year for 24 hours of 3600 seconds each:  365.2425x24x3600/c=0.10518984 meters}.

Then the 'Bubble of the Akashia aka the Noosphere of Velikovsky/Teilhard de Chardin/Sheldrake/Lovelock becomes defined in this calculation in  multiplying by the Age of the Universe or the Big Bang.

So for an age of 15 billion years, Akashic Radius=1.6 million kilomters and for an age of 20 billion years it  is 2.1 million kilometers and as defined by empirical measurements in 3D space in the extent of the Lagrangian P1 nexus and the so termed Hill Sphere.


 A contour plot of the effective potential of a two-body system due to gravity and inertia at one point in time.

The Hill spheres are the circular regions surrounding the two large masses. 

Hill sphere

An astronomical body's Hill sphere is the region in which it dominates the attraction of satellites. For a planet to retain a moon, the moon must have an orbit that lies within the Hill sphere of the planet. That moon would, in turn, have a Hill sphere of its own. Any object within that distance would tend to become a satellite of the moon, rather than of the planet itself.

In more precise terms, the Hill sphere approximates the gravitational sphere of influence of a smaller body in the face of perturbations from a more massive body. It was defined by the American astronomer George William Hill, based upon the work of the French astronomer Édouard Roche. For this reason, it is also known as the Roche sphere (not to be confused with the Roche Limit). The Hill sphere extends between the Lagrangian points L1 and L2, which lie along the line of centers of the two bodies. The region of influence of the second body is shortest in that direction, and so it acts as the limiting factor for the size of the Hill sphere. Beyond that distance, a third object in orbit around the second (e.g. Jupiter) would spend at least part of its orbit outside the Hill sphere, and would be progressively perturbed by the tidal forces of the central body (e.g. the Sun), eventually ending up orbiting the latter.

Formula and examples

If the mass of the smaller body (e.g. Earth) is m, and it orbits a heavier body (e.g. Sun) of mass M with a semi-major axis a and an eccentricity of e, then the radius r of the Hill sphere for the smaller body (e.g. Earth) is, approximately [1]

r \approx a (1-e) \sqrt[3]{\frac{m}{3 M}}

When eccentricity is negligible (the most favourable case for orbital stability), this becomes

r \approx a \sqrt[3]{\frac{m}{3M}}

In the Earth example, the Earth (5.97×1024 kg) orbits the Sun (1.99×1030 kg) at a distance of 149.6 million km. The Hill sphere for Earth thus extends out to about 1.5 million km (0.01 AU). The Moon's orbit, at a distance of 0.384 million km from Earth, is comfortably within the gravitational sphere of influence of Earth and it is therefore not at risk of being pulled into an independent orbit around the Sun. All stable satellites of the Earth (those within the Earth's Hill sphere) must have an orbital period shorter than 7 months.

The previous (eccentricity-ignoring) formula can be re-stated as follows:

3\frac{r^3}{a^3} \approx \frac{m}{M}

This expresses the relation in terms of the volume of the Hill sphere compared with the volume of the second body's orbit around the first; specifically, the ratio of the masses is three times the ratio of the volume of these two spheres.

A quick way of estimating the radius of the Hill sphere comes from replacing mass with density in the above equation:

\frac{r}{R_{\mathrm{secondary}}} \approx \frac{a}{R_{\mathrm{primary}}} \sqrt[3]{\frac{\rho_{\mathrm{secondary}}}{3 \rho_{\mathrm{primary}}}} \approx \frac{a}{R_{\mathrm{primary}}}

where ρsecond and ρprimary are the densities of the primary and secondary bodies, and \frac{r}{R_{\mathrm{secondary}}} and \frac{r}{R_{\mathrm{primary}}} are their radii. The second approximation is justified by the fact that, for most cases in the solar system, \sqrt[3]{\frac{\rho_{\mathrm{secondary}}}{3 \rho_{\mathrm{primary}}}} happens to be close to one. (The Earth-Moon system is the largest exception, and this approximation is within 20% for most of Saturn's satellites.) This is also convenient, since many planetary astronomers work in and remember distances in units of planetary radii.

True region of stability

The Hill sphere is but an approximation, and other forces (such as radiation pressure or the Yarkovsky effect) can eventually perturb an object out of the sphere. This third object should also be of small enough mass that it introduces no additional complications through its own gravity. Detailed numerical calculations show that orbits at or just within the Hill sphere are not stable in the long term; it appears that stable satellite orbits exist only inside 1/2 to 1/3 of the Hill radius. The region of stability for retrograde orbits at a large distance from the primary, is larger than the region for prograde orbits at a large distance from the primary. This was thought to explain the preponderance of retrograde moons around Jupiter, however Saturn has a more even mix of retrograde/prograde moons so the reasons are more complicated.[2]

Further examples

An astronaut could not orbit the Space Shuttle (with mass of 104 tonnes), where the orbit is 300 km above the Earth, since the Hill sphere of the shuttle is only 120 cm in radius, much smaller than the shuttle itself. In fact, in any low Earth orbit, a spherical body must be 800 times denser than lead in order to fit inside its own Hill sphere, or else it will be incapable of supporting an orbit. A spherical geostationary satellite would need to be more than 5 times denser than lead to support satellites of its own; such a satellite would be 2.5 times denser than osmium, the densest naturally-occurring material on Earth. Only at twice the geostationary distance could a lead sphere possibly support its own satellite; since the moon is more than three times further than the 3-fold geostationary distance necessary, lunar orbits are possible.

Within the solar system, the planet with the largest Hill radius is Neptune, with 116 million km, or 0.775 AU; its great distance from the Sun amply compensates for its small mass relative to Jupiter (whose own Hill radius measures 53 million km). An asteroid from the main belt will have a Hill sphere that can reach 220 000 km (for 1 Ceres), diminishing rapidly with its mass. In the case of (66391) 1999 KW₄, a Mercury-crosser asteroid which has a moon (S/2001 (66391) 1), its Hill sphere measures 22 km in radius.

A typical extrasolar "hot Jupiter", HD 209458 b [3] has a Hill sphere of radius (593,000 km) about 8 times its physical radius (approx 71,000 km). Even the smallest close in extrasolar planet, CoRoT-7b [4] still has a Hill sphere radius (61,000 km) 6 times greater than its physical radius (approx 10,000 km). Therefore these planets could have small moons close in.


A non-rigorous but conceptually accurate derivation of the Hill radius can be made by equating the orbital velocity of the orbiter around a body (i.e. a planet) and the orbital velocity of that planet around the host star. This is the radius at which the gravitational influence of the star roughly equals that of the planet. This is accurate to within factors of order unity.

\Omega_{\mathrm{planet}} = \Omega_\star
\sqrt{\frac{GM_{\mathrm{planet}}}{R_H^3}} = \sqrt{\frac{GM_\star}{a^3}}

Where RH is the Hill radius, a is the semi-major axis of the planet orbiting the star. With some basic algebra:

\frac{M_{\mathrm{planet}}}{R_H^3} = \frac{M_\star}{a^3}

Giving a Hill radius of:

R_H = a \left(\frac{M_{\mathrm{planet}}}{M_\star}\right)^{1/3}

 End of wiki reference

The generalised derivation for the Hill Sphere radius in the wiki reference is not clear.

What is set equal are the angular velocities of the Earth about the Sun  and the the angular velocity of say an orbiting satellite about the Earth at the primary Lagrangian point.

ωEarth around Sun =2πf=2π/T=v/a=√(GMSun/a)/a =√(GMSun/a3)

 because the centripetal force and acceleration of the Earth about the Sun is mEarth.agravitational=mEarth.v2/a=GmEarth.MSun/a2

ωSatellite around Earth =2πf=2π/T=v/RHill=√(GMEarth/RHill)/RHill=√(GMEarth/RHill3)

Then  GMSun/a3=GMEarth/RHill3

and the result follows:

R_H = a \left(\frac{M_{\mathrm{planet}}}{M_\star}\right)^{1/3}

The Secret of the Extraterrestrial Life


The formulation above so relates the gravitational-inertial astrodynamics of the Hill Spheres of starsystems, many of whom harbour planetary systems, to the lightspeed inversion of the densification bubbles (or atmospheric fields) of the cosmogenesis of the universe and by the projection of its linear age, itself. The timeevolution of the Binary ellipsoidal focus in the geometry becomes mapped onto the circular central singularity of the orgins of space and time itself.

The time has now been reached in the nexus evolvement of the warpzone for the Gaian metamorphosis to explain this inter- and multidimensionality further, as hitherto to understand these concepts mentally, required a selfconsistent logic and modus operandi of thinking within a methodology  not commonly supported and engaged in by present educational systems of the planet earth.

Subsequently, this kind of approach to thinking patterns and selftraining has hitherto remained in the realm of the 'specialists', the percentage of the incarnated souls predispositioned to abstract model buildings in terms of mathematics and semiotiks - the logos of symbols and archetypes.

All Extraterrestrial Intelligences consider Gaia to be their Mother.

All such ET sentiences occupying whatever galactic- or extragalactic location also are encompassed by inertia-defined Hill Spheres; awaiting however the Gaian activation to manifest their own lightspeed inversion fields in the complementary functionality of the densification of the higher dimensional light matrices in their lower dimensional expressions.

This is the prerequisitur for the metaphysical ontology of manifesting the spacetimed protoverse from the void-infinitum of the singularly centred in the geometrisation of the complex manifold in 2 dimensions, then allowing the 11-dimensional higher braned universe (and potentialised multiverse) to emerge from its lower dimensional precursor.

In physical terms, this allows the ET civilisations to function in the absence of the Gaian resistance field of the lightspeed inversion and so to follow evolutionary pathways based on the higher dimensional forms of the same genetic templates manifest in genetic selfexpression in the 'resistence field' or the 'Impedence Bubble' found on the Gaian Mother template.

An encompassing purpose and modus operandi for the omniversal agenda so relates the hybridisation of the light matrix of the extra-terrestrial intelligence to the hybridisation of the inverted light matrix of the terrestrial evolutionary development.

A slogan or motto so could express this as: "When the ETs are getting heavier, then the  Gaian lifeforms will become lighter!"

In many planetray systems in many starsystems in many galaxies, the universal intelligence seeks to express itself from a basic blueprint of cosmogenetic definition.

This cosmic DNA manifests in the Gaian resistance field  in a distribution of a space-inherent consciousness carriers and assumes the morphogenetic (and geometric)  forms of mineral, flora, fauna and the human vessels or merkabahs in embodiments.

A distinction can however be made for these 'kingdoms of the lifeforms' and the differentiation engages the self- and mutual induction or coupling between particular elements of the 'supergenetic' or hyperspacial 'higher dimensional' genetic encoding.

Only the human carries a dual coupling of  electrocapacitative and magnetoinductive nucleotidal basepairings, say defined in C-factors of the electropolar capacitance  and the L-factors of the magnetopolar inductance.

The ET is biased in magnetopolarity and the nonhuman Gaian lifeforms are biased in electropolarity.

In particular, the ET SELFINDUCES  electric capacity, but cannot mutually CROSSINDUCE the cosmic capacitance,  which can also be labelled as the function of the deintellectualised 'Instinct' of the group consciousness in a form of the NOUS of the 'Mother- or Creation wisdom or sophia' of the BODY as the morphogenetic vehicle for spacetime selfexpression in PARTICULARISATION.

Corollarily, the nonhuman Gaian lifeforms SELFINDUCE magnetic inductance, but cannot CROSSINDUCE the cosmic inductance, which can also be called the deinstinctualised (or deemotionalised) 'Intellect' of the group consciousness in a form of NOUS of the 'Father- or Creator Understanding or OmniScience' of the MIND as the nonmorphogenetic vehicle for spacetime selfexpression in WAVEFORMATION.

Beginning 2,200 million years ago; the ET sentience became aware of itself and began to build its own waveforms in the form of bodies in coevolution with the Gaian adaptations utilising the presence of Oxygen in the terrestrial atmosphere to develop multicellular lifeforms from the prokaryotic (no nucleus) precursors of the universal genetic encodings localised within the Gaian Impedance Bubble.

In particular, the endosymbiosis of the prokaryotes allowed the eukaryotes (cells with nuclei) to 'evolve' in symbiotic partnerships and this original form of MUTUAL INDUCTION originated the evolutionary developments for a mutual symbiosis and the grander cosmic scales of the projected and programmed future timelines of the universal evolvements.

The ET morphogenetics so adapted thermselves in light encoded forms to the primordial lifeforms of cellular mitosis and endosymbiosis on Gaia, so INDUCING the Capacitance of the SELFINDUCTION into the biovital environments of the early Gaian planetary schema.

This represented stage 1 of the cosmic masterplan of the Creator Logos - the Gaian Impedence Field became the repository of the ET data of the mindinduction of the waveform, now CROSSINDUCTED  in particularised Bodyforms of the earliest multicellular lifeforms, themselves emergent from the prokaryotic geometric conscious carriers in the form of bacteria and viruses in a physicality defined by biochemcal interaction with the encountered environments.

The ET waveform of magnetopolar source energy SELFINDUCES electropolar capacitance; which then is CROSSINDUCED in mutual feedback loops into Gaian lieforms in a form of 'ET descendents', modeled in say natural electromagneto-monopolar currents  in  quantum wave mechanics and analogous to the electromagnetic fields of Kirchhoff and Maxwell sans the monopolic components of the thus defined consciousness parameters (described in related messages, such as 'Genesis of Genesis' and the 'Consciousness' threads).

The ET magnetopolarity so 'infiltrates' the Gaian environment from a time nexus of 2.2 billion years ago and when the Gaian light inversion had created a 'Cocoon Bubble' in extent of  (19.11-2.2 )billion years x 3.33.. nanometers per second  x 3600x24x365.2425 seconds or 1.78 million kilometers radial extent from the center of the Earth and within the Hill Sphere calculated from teh inertial astrophysics.

For comparison, this scale encompasses the Gaian Moon and is at a distance of about 5% to the neighbouring planet Venus.

The Venusian ETs so are found in the sentient lifeforms of the  planetary neigbourhood and crystallize in a function of evolutionary witness to ther greater cosmic agenda of the World Logos.

The second stage of the cosmic masterplan of the Creator Logos implements the SELFINDUCTION of the magnetopolar induction from the ET intelligence, by then in an extensive process of colonising  the Universe in waveformations from the nexus point of the 2.2 billuion years and bounded in the lightspeed invariancwe (speed of light).

Iow, the ET intelligence would manouver within a spacetime bubble of 4,400 million years in diameter and being focused on the Gaian Mother; they would begin to manifest the extragalactic agenda, say in cooperation with the any spacetime locaction in coordinate vicinit of the 2.2 billion lightyear radius.

As the Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31 or M31) is the closest Spiral Galaxy to the Milky Way (Perseus) galaxy at about 2.5 million lightyears and a scale of 2,200 million lightyears includes all such galaxies below a cosmological redshift  z=√(5/3)-1=0.291 {from the electromagnetic node at n=1 for recessional velocity ratio v/c=1/(n+1)² and (z+1)²=(n²+2n+2)/(n²+2n)}; all relatively nearby galaxies and astrophysical objects become subject to the Gaian mother blueprint.

The nearby galactic clusters display a preponderance of galaxy mergers and an increased star formation in the 'blueness' of the spectra, as proposed in 1978 by astrophysicists Harvey Butcher and Augustus Oemler. 


The divers mythologies and legends of the human genus, say from the 10 Great Ages of the ET-Humanoid-Starman Induction by the electromagnetic monopolar 'natural electricity of life' so can be retraced in a geometric progression of the fivefolded supersymmetry inherent in an earlier five-tiered symmetry of superbrane classes, based on the pentagonal algortithms of the cosmogenesis.

This is exposited in the main threads on the cosmogony of the universe leading into its cosmology of the omniversal holofractalisation into multiverses from its protoversal seedling of the singularity.

The ratio 2.234722566/2.002094499=1.116192351 for a 11.7% margin of about 260 million years for the first age then reducing in the 'error' margin of the deviation in subsequent ages.

Age 1 = 2,031,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of the Multicellular Cosmic Organism' [Paleo-Proterozoic]

so 2,002,094,499-2,234,722,566 'Civil Years' from the Node and descriptive for the first 'advanced' organisms in eukaryotes and multicellulars, utilising 'free oxygen'

Age 2 = 406,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of the Amphibians' [Devonian-Paleozoic]  

in so 400,418,900-446,944,513 'Civil Years' from the Node and describing the 'Conquering of the Land from the Seas'

Age 3 = 81,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of the Reptoid-Paramammal' [Cretaceous-Mesozoic]

in so 80,083,780-89,388,903 'Civil Years' from the Node and describing the extension of the reptilian rootbrain by the mammalian midbrain in the Pecylosaurs and the first primates as ancestors for the lineage of the apes.

Age 4 = 16,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of the Primate-Mammals' [Neogene-Cenozoic]

in so 16,016,756-17,877,781 'Civil Years' from the Node and descriptive for the emergence of the ancestral apes as genetic basis for the apeman

Age 5 = 3,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of Ape-Man' [Neogene-Cenozoic]

in so 3,203,351.2-3,575,556 'Civil Years' from the Node as descriptive for the ascent of Homo Habilis from Australopithecines stock

Age 6 = 650,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of Homo Erectus' [Quaternary-Cenozoic]

 in so 640,670-715,111 'Civil Years' from the Node and specifying the diversity of the Homo Habilis stock branching into Home Erectus

Age 7 = 130,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of Homo Sapiens'

in about 128,134-143,022  'Civil Years' from the Node and defining the emergence of Homo Sapiens as the ancestor for Homo Sapiens Sapiens or 'Modern Man' in the Cro Magnon stock and 'Mitochodrial Eve' in the Würm glacial period (110,000 to 12,000 years ago) following the previous Riss/Illinoian glacial period (200,000-130,000 years ago). This last glacial period is bounded in the Pleistocene as the 'Age of man' in the chronos of 2,588,000 years to 12,500 years ago approximately and is defined in the 'Ice Age' with respect to the retreat of continental glaciers.

Age 8 = 26,000 Great Platonic Years  of 360 'Days' as  9,360,000 'Mean Solar Days' as the 'Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens'

in 25,626.81-28,604.5 'Civil Years' from the Node and defining the beginning of the last 5 Longcount Cycles in 13 Mayan Baktuns of 144,000 Kin-Days each. This is astrophysically matched to a present terrestrial precession of the planetary axis of rotation about the celestial poles; and which cyclic completion spans a 'precessional age' of 26,000 circle years.

Age 9 = 5,200 Great Platonic Years of 360 Mayan Kin as 1,872,000 'Mean Solar Days' as the 'Age of  Homo Sapiens Sapiens Astralis'

in 5,125.36-5,720.89 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node and beginning August 11th, 3114 BC as Mayan date 4 Ahau 8 Cumku to December 21st, 2012 AD as 4 Ahau 3 Kankin in its final extent and dating back so 595.53 'Civil Years' or 217,512.1 Kin  to January 31st, 3709 BC Gregorian and March 1st, 3710 BC Julian in the Mayan Longcount - 8 Lamat 11 Pop and as the summation of 1 Baktun (144,000 Kin); 10 Tun (72,000 Kin);  4 Tun (1,440 Kin); 3 Vinal (60 Kin) and 12 Kin to a daycount of 144,000+10x7,200+4x360+3x20+12=217,512.  

The Pentagonal symmetry subdivides the ninth age in 9 subages in the Circular Cyclicity of 360/5=72:

Subage 1 = 1,872,000/5=374,400 -417,902.4 Kin as the Time of Millennial Transition for the Human Civilisation

in 1,025.07-1,144.18 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node in the dates 13 Edznab 6 Muan; October 17th, 868 Gregorian and October 13th, 868 Julian and 4 Ahau 13 Cumku; November 25th, 987 Gregorian and November 20th, 987 Julian in a 119.11 year variance

Subage 2 = 374,400/5=74,880 -83,580.5 Kin as the Time of the Scientific Reasoning in Universal Applicability 

in 205.01-228.84 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node in the dates 1 Ahau 8 Kankin; February 19th, 1784 and 4 Ahau 8 Zac; December 17th, 1807 in a 23.83 year variance

Subage 3 = 74,800/5=14,976 Kin -16,716.1 Kin as the Time for the Preparation of the Inside Cocoon

in 41.00-45.77 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node in the dates 6 Kan 17 Kayab; March 17th, 1967 and 4 Kan 12 Mac; December 21st, 1971 in a 4.76 year or a 1,740 day variance

Subage 4 = 14,976/5=2,995.2 Kin -3,343.22 Kin as the Time for the Preparation of the Outside Cocoon in the Warpzone

in 8.201-9.153 'Civil Years' or 2,995-3,343  'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 2 Caban 5 Zac; October 26th, 2003 and 12 Chiccan 8 Yax; October 8th, 2004 in a 0.953 year or a 348 day variance

Subage 5 = 2,995.2/5=599.04 -668.64 Kin as the Time for the 1980 anniversarial Logos mapping in the Warpzone 

in 1.640-1.831 'Civil Years' or 599-669 'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 11 Chuen 4 Kayab; February 21st, 2011 and 3 Imix 9 Uo; May 1st, 2011 in a 0.191  year or a 70 day variance

Subage 6 = 599.04/5=119.808 -133.729 Kin as the Time of the Gestation and Pregnancy in the Warpzone 

in 0.328-0.366 'Civil Years' or 120-134 'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 13 Cimi  9 Yaxkin; August 9th, 2012 and 1 Ahau 3 Mol; August 23rd, 2012 in a 0.038 year or a 14 day variance

Subage 7 = 119.808/5=23.9616 -26.746 Kin as the Time of the 13th Starsign of Dinah Arachne Ophiuchus 

in 0.066-0.073  'Civil Years' or 24-27 'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 3 Ben 16 Ceh; November 24th, 2012 and 6 Cib 19Ceh; November 27th, 2012 in a 0.007 year  or a 3 day variance

Subage 8 = 23.9616/5=4.79232  -5.34915 Kin as the Time of the Pains of the Labour for the Gaian Rebirth as a Starplanet

in 0.013-0.015 'Civil Years' or 4.7-5.3 'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 11 Ix 17Mac; December 15th, 2012 and 12 Men 18 Mac; December 16th, 2012 in a 0.002 year or a 'shortened' 1 day variance

Subage 9 = 4.79232/5=0.958464 -1.069830 Kin as the Time of the Birth of the New World

in 0.0026-0.0029 'Civil Years' or the 'Evening of Metamorphosis' before the 2012-Node in the dates 3 Cauac 2 Kankin; December 20th, 2012 and 4 Ahau 3 Kankin; December 21st, 2012 in a 0.0003 year or a 0.11 day or a 3 hour variation {2º40'22"}

Age 10 = 360 days from December 21st, 2012 as December 16th, 2013 and as Mayan date 13 Ahau 18 Mac,  then specifies the New Starhuman Identity as a hybridisation between the Homo Sapiens Sapiens and the ET.

All ETs could begin their own homecoming from so 2.2 billion years ago and at an approximate halfway point of the physical creation of Gaia as a planetary sphere of influence within the Milky Way galaxy and when the Big Bang lightspeed expansion reached its mirror potential (situated omni-scientifically at a 16.9 billion spacetime coordinate).

In generalised terminology then; the ET is seeking to hybridise its magnetopolarisation of the waveform of the mind-intellect with the electropolarisation of the particularised bodyforms of the mind-emotional or mind-instinctual.

As this instinctual mind is coupled to a space-intrinsic consciousness of all spacetime defined metric coordinates; the Gaian nonhuman lifeforms become the complementary 'missing links' in the merkabahs of all extraterrestrial sentiences.

This is rendered imperative in the definition of this spacial consciousness as a inertia inependent quantum angular acceleration acting upon the quantisation of spacetime parameters in the form of wormhole equivalents.

In other words, ALL Gaian nonhuman lifeforms and including mineral, fungi, bacteria, viruses, flora and fauna represent the ET particularised and individualised bodyforms or morphogenetic merkabahs.

The nonhuman lifeforms so are destined to couple their electropolar capacitances, defined in groupminded waveforms or 'hive souls' to the magnetopolar inductances of the ET waveminds of the extraterrestrial intelligences.

The presence of the humanoid, carrying a unique individuation, both ET-intelligent and Gaian-instinctual; so serves as the Genetic Bridge between the electropolar cosmic ID and the magnetopolar cosmic ID; both  selfinductive  in activated genomatic expressions, but suppressed in the mutual inductions because of the cocooning of the gaian environments.

The ET so became instrumental in inducing itself in the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, once a sufficient evolutionary plateau for the processing of the cosmic consciousness became possible in the overall timeline of the cosmogenesis.

The so called humanoid so represents an already hybridised cosmic merkabah, having evolved physically and emotionally in the Gaian Instinct of the nonhuman genomatic templates in the electrocapacitative C-factors, as well as having attained magnetoinductive L-factors via the waveforms of the ETs.

Human associations with the nonhuman Gaian lifeforms so represents the 'humanisation' of the ET in a desired modality of interspecies communication and renders the 'pet' and the 'familiar' as a true partnership between the waveformed ET and the individuated 'Familiar Friend'. 

In more general terms, the mutual and self-induction of the genomatic elements of the ElectroMagnetic Monopolar Radiation or EMMR defines the so called 'Spirit of the Source Energy' interacting and communicating with itself in the holofractal components of the Holographic Omniverse.

The ET has accumulated great wisdom and technology in the extraterrestrial evolution away from the Gaian Impedence Bubble; albeit remaining 'consciousness coupled' to the Cocoon of the 'Cosmic Creation Mother' via the 'missing' C-factors of the ET genomatic templates.

This ET technology is consciousness based and defined in the wormhole physics of the cosmogenesis.

This technology so is founded on the EMMR and the omniphysics of the light matrix as the quantisation of spacetime in the original fundamentals of the cosmology of the matter based birth of the universe as a quantum defined coupling between consciousness and the inertial parameters of space and time and mass     related to the nature of both electropolar and magnetopolar 'charges'.

The Starships and the Cities of extraterrestrial civilisations so are not manifest as similar to Gaian technology as developed within the Impedance Field of the light inversion; but are defined in a higher dimensional expression of the light matrix.

There exist thus many ET civilisations, which are manifest in 'Cities of monopolar light energy' and where this 'light energy' represents a dedensified energy structure of 'Light in Stasis', meaning that the Invariance of the Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR, say as manifested in the Gaian Resistance Field as the Light from the Stars is circularised in a higher dimensional densification of the Bosonic Selfstate Quantum and as a Pairing of the Fermionic Selfstate of the say atomic structure common in the terrestrial physics.

The Lightships of the ETs so can be built to specifications of a more dense atomic physics; but require the existence of a 4th hyperspace dimension to become materializable in the Gaian cocoon of the light inversion.

The Gaian rebirth at the nexus point will 'open up and reglue' the original wormhole quantum of the cosmogony in a 'poleshift' mirror reversal of a galactic signal and so allow a 4th spacial dimension to become accessible for the omniverse.

As this hyperspace transformation will occur at the Gaian planetary center; it will take just 7 seconds for the returning and reflected signal of the wormhole at the centre of the Earth to reverse its eonold long accumulation of data collection as a Black Hole equivalent in 5D hyperspacetime to become a 5D hyperspacetime White Hole       .

As the radial displacement of the Gaian Hill Sphere is so 2.1 million kiklometers the lighspeeded signal will become a wavefront reaching this coordinate in 2.1 million km/c and so about 7 seconds.

This 7 second interval will then be synchronised and calibrated with all ET civilisations within the 2,200 million extent of the nodal universe as defined in the cosmology of the quantum relativity.

So the ET civilisations will become enabled to activate their own Impedence Cocoons and so partake in their hitherto elusive densification of the source energy in their consciousness couplings to the EMMR.

This 'densification' was suppressed and restricted to the Gaian Mother template to allow the greater cosmic agenda to follow its course of development.

This  nexus point for the ET evolution so will complete a cycle which had begun 2.2 billuion years earlier.  

At this nexus point, the extra-Gaian realm became potentialized (in memory activation) in the electromagnetic return of the higher dimensional timearrow coordinate and when technically, the Universal Protoverse Seedling in 11 dimensions first attained its maximum potential to extend itself and so reflect back into the lower dimensional realms and also to refract into the higher dimensional spacetime of 12D, namely the 'Outside Exile' of the Creator/Father.

As Gaia as a soul, existed in physicality at this nexus coordinate; the extraterrestrial universe became conscious and aware of their own Mother and could begin to focus their attention and homecoming plans on their 'Womb of the Physicality' of their origins.

So the ET visitations begun about 2.2 billion years ago and when the terestrial atmosphere became oxygen enriched to allow hitherto aquatic primitive lifeforms to extend thier habitats into airborne and terrestrial  environments.

On a soul level, the encompassing Gaian planetary mother soul then greatly enhanced its own experiences and partitioned interactions in environmental coevolutions of increasingly complex biological and biochemical lifeforms.

This coevolution was 'watched' by the extraterrestrial lifeforms not evolved from the Gaian soul complex and for the purpose to eventually synergize their own ET cosmo evolotions with that of their Cosmic Home of the Cosmogenesis of the Universe.

This 'watching' and 'waiting' by the ETs would end, once the 'Earthlings' would have evolved physically and mentally to a stage of self remembrance regarding their own familiar relationship and partnership with the original CreatorCreation Monad of the FatherMother defined before the Universe was born into physical materiality.

All 'Human Recallers' would be required to claim their cosmic inheritances as Sons and Daughters of their  Father Creator and their Mother Gaia.

In doing so, their old humanity would graduate to a Starhuman Remembrance and all such acolytes would become enabled to process their own Shadows in the Sons transmutating into SonDaughters and all daughters metamorphosing into DaughterSons - so RECREATING the original FatherMother of the Monadic Duality in a Mirrored FatherMother+Motherfather Dyadic Monad or Harmonized Unity, Oneness or Wholesomeness.

This Inner Akash, which will never be discovered; so resides within any and all StarHuman Children of the FatherMother.


Dear Zoe from the Blues of Sirius!

Well you appear to have made up your perceptive mind of what science and its foundations are; so it also seems that whatever we share with you will most likely be insufficient and not evidental enough to add to your understanding of the paradigm.

And there are indeed some points we do agree with you and your sources of the information.

However allow me to intersperse in your reply for your perhaps peripheral considerations.

siriusblue wrote in italics:

Hello Arachne,

I have a supposition for you. It concerns Max Planck and subatomic theory, string theory and Quantum mechanics - yes I have read some of the books - and I also received some information from other sources which to my knowledge have not been fully investigated/acknowledged or understood yet.

So maybe you are the people to do the investigation or to answer the question, or work on the mathematical equations that will come from what I put forward to you here:

Well you seem to ask here for us to check your qualitative understanding of the science descriptive material you have gathered over time.
We can certainly do so, but will say that quantum science can indeed be qualitatively described in say metaphysical terms, which do not require (that much) mathematical formalism - but that this selfsame qualitative analysis might very well be on an encompassing scale, which, in semantics will only partially substantiate 'your sources'.

So, whilst you seem to feel, that you 'know some scientific secrets'; which you give allegiance to, because you honour your sources, embodied or disembodied - you may well find there to exist some challenges as to the specifics more so then the generalities of your information so obtained.

When particles are perturbed to such a degree that they reach the speed of light - and you and I know this has been done - then we reach this Quantum mechanics, string theory, quarks, hadrons...

This is true and can be modeled on the 'electron in a box'. The more you restrict the box the faster the electron will 'bounce around' or vibrate in more appropriate string-mechanical terms.

In generality, this leads to the wavefunctions of the quantumized particles of the Standard Model based on the Unitary symmetries of the Quantum Chromodynamics or QCD.

The current theories are that subatomic particles can be in two places at once.
This is not exactly true.

Well here you are required to have a clear understanding what a wavefunction is; how quantum entanglement works, both qualitatively and quantitatively and what the so called Heisenberg Matrix represnts in the Action parameters of say DisplacementxMomentum or EnergyxTime.
This then leads you into formal ways to describe wave-particle duality and Bohr complementarity, the so called Schrödinger Paradox (which is easily solved by the doubling of the modular string dualism) and the Dirac 'Sea of the Virtual particles' (which are not virtual but chromodynamically magnetocharged).

From what I have been told and it was very visual so easy for me to understand and to explain it to you in layman's terms rather than mathematics here is:

When you excite a particle in a limited space to such a high degree that it has reached the speed of light and has 'nowhere else to go' - It will jump through TIME.


Really, because it is a fact to you, we should accept your belief and likewise accept this as facts relative to our data base? We would never ask anyone to accept our data as such facts; we would ask to consider the data and do research and form your own conclusions about facts then.

But like the gravitational field associated with spacetime embedded inertia agglomerations is a commonly experienced and so accepted 'fact'; so is your proposition.

So here is a 'proof' for this; you should be able to process with a basic nous of algebra and some idea of Newtonian cosmology.

The universe was born as a 10-dimensional hyperbolic topological entity of open curvature AFTER a 11-dimensional spheroidal topological 'envelope' was hyper accelerated to create the lower dimensional spacetime for to expand into under the auspices of Classically Geometric Relativity and the well understood Planckian Black Body Thermodynamic entropic expansion mechanics for a inertia based cosmology.

This hyperacceleration is necessitated to always be tachyonic or superluminal as a de Broglien wavematter hyperacceleration, also know as Inflation; whenever the 'normally accelerated cosmology is lightspeed invariant as the acceleration limit for the consequential cosmic evolution.

So the lightspeed 'c' is the boundary and the divide between the 10D universe and the 11D universe.

The de Broglie hyperacceleration so represents a PHASESPEED always greater than 'c' of then Inflaton; whilst the say Einstein-Planck expansion of the following cosmology becomes a GROUPSPEED always less than 'c'.

Any wavespeed is defined as the product of wavelength λ and frequency f.

Therefore, and using the basic Einstein-Planck classical-quantum energy transform; Energy E=mc2=hf and the de Broglie wavelength λ=h/mvgroup:

vphasedebrogliexfdebroglie=(h/mvgroup)(mc2/h)=c2/vgroup> c for all vgroup<c just as required.

To give you numbers for the actual inflaton and Instanton:  vphase=RHubblexfmax~4.8x1056 m/s or so 1.6x1048 'c' 

and aphase= RHubblexfmax2~1.4x1087 m/s2

The same particle will be looping in time until it finds a speed lower than the speed of light.

Here and in the following statements below, you erroneously assume, that 'time' is independent of the scattering angles and so the displacements observed in the particle accelerator experiments.

Just like the Theorem of Pythagoras is sufficient to qualify and quantify the theory of special relativity physics underpinning all those accelarator experim ents in the Energy-Momentum relation of the Einstein-Planck matter-light transforms in the 3 space dimensions; so  is the spacetimed 4-vector form of the Pythagorean Theorem sufficient that the MOVEMENT through TIME as a coordinate is a similar vector decomposition for the three space dimension coordinates.

So whenever ANY displacement in space occurs; the Time coordinate is reduced in the vector sum in the Pythagoreran form for an added space coordinate called the Lightpath X=cT.
A 'Position Vector' so assumes the metric form P={cT,x,y,z}
and with the Pythagorean theorem adding R2(t)=x2+y2+z2 as the position of something at say a time t to the Lightpath coordinate X=cT.

Your time coordinate in your descriptions below are 'little t' as a space measurement like in the scattering experiment and this ignores the 'proper Time T'; which is related in the addition of the squares of R2(t)+X2=(ct)2 or rewriting in dividing by 't' in proper differential terms: {dR/dt}2 + c2{dT/dt}2 = c2.

This is a powerful equation if you can see what it means.

It means that to not move at all THROUGH SPACE, being perfectly at rest relative to the spacetime matrix itself; the speed THROUGH TIME is maximised as 'c'.

In terms of your statements below, this implies that your TIMELOOPS in Space automatically utilise the transformation of the space coordinates into the lightpath coordinates.
And nevertheless your objections; this is precisely the 'spacelikeness' becoming 'timelikeness' and vice versa in the ripping and regluing of the spacetime metrics.
Then your ideas about the Nature of Time and those of your sources, (who perhaps are experiencing the NOW-Cycletime of the grander closed didmensional continuum and not the linear one of the scattering mechanics) require rigorous definition, as a vagur sensual perceptive description will prove erroneous and as evidenced and experimentally confirmed daily in time-dilation and Lorentz-contraction phenomena in the laboratories.
That is why the experiments show a scatter pattern hitting three separate areas of the background even though there are only two fonts.
Because each time the particle has looped back in time, it has found itself either in the single font moment or the double font moment.
The single font moment being further back in time than the double font moment was less frequent - hence less hits.
The double font moment - each time the particle returned, would then just as randomly pick one font or the other, creating a random but relatively even scatter over time.
It is NOT one particle in many places at once - it is the SAME particle that has taken a different path in that moment of time which is repeating because the particle cannot leave that EVENT moment until it comes back down below the speed of light.

We can see where you getting these ideas. They are not 'wrong' as such, but highly insufficient to present a deeper argument, besides vague generalities using names like time and space and event.
To define what an event is, you need to be aware of simultaneity and the other postulates of Special Relativity.
Your 'One' particle idea is very sound, but you are using inappropriate language codes to place your concepts onto a solid foundation.
See you are trying to describe Goldstone Gauge Unification of the elementary 'forces'.
This is indeed just a 'Oneness particle' and it is NOT the Higgs Boson (lol).
It is a wavefunction of the fundamental builduing block for the 'Heisenberg Light Matrix' emergent from the original Big Bang as the minimum wormhole configuratuion and defining what ALL physical phenomena consist of.

What you are seemingly attempting to say, is that there exists a Cycle-Now-Time; which forms the Boundary between the lightspeed invariance for all inertially coupled objects (all electromagnetic radiation is so coupled and generated by electric charges) group velocities and the tachyonic phase velocities.

And you are perfectly justified on theoretical and experimental grounds postulating this; because the NOW-Time is none other then the Angular Velocity of the same wormhole parameters you seem to reject in your cosmology.

This angular wormhole speed is ω=2πfmax and so defined in the 'Love Frequency' for all of the creation.

Yes we are indeed rather familiar with the 'new ET-based' form of the 'Standard Model' of particle physics.

Our expertise is in fact the revisdion and extension of the latter in the reformulation of the Unitary Symmetries of the older Gell-Mann mechanistic billard ball-spring model for the quark-gluon couplings.

We are well aware of the LHC developments and habve for long predicted the precise energy levels where the neutrino-gluon coupling will manifest as the strongweak nuclear Goldstone coupling and where the wormhole energy itself shall become manifest in the grand unification energy of the Weylian wormhole.

However you will not be able to find these things ion the mainstream media or in the scientific libraries as yet.

I'm going to go for a guess that you have been following the LHC experiments with as much interest as I have. Here is one story for you and I hope you see why it reinforces my supposition:

And for entertainment for everybody, with yet another reinforcement that I am not the only one to believe this theory (if indeed it isn't the CORRECT theory), I loved this - it is just for fun though! :

Does this make any sense to you?

What this means in the real world, where we cannot possibly be perturbed to that degree, is that each moment we make a decision, our path splits into the reality that we have chosen and the possible reality we could have chosen.

Each time we make that decision, we create another reality, a divergent path from all the other options. There is a reference in Buddhism to how many choices we have at any one point in time. It is a very large number but I cannot remember, so I won't throw it at you.

The other paths still have a life of their own but not one we know because we are the one particle and we cannot cross the boundary of time - but they exist.

On the OTHER HAND, you could say we DO cross the boundary of time, in that we possibly DO relive the moment and it is called REINCARNATION. We relive our lives with the same options that come up and we make decisions which will deviate slightly each time from the previous life - we go through the single font in some reincarnations and we have a choice between the two fonts in other reincarnations and finally, in the latter, we choose one or other font in different incarnations.

Here again, you are invoking popular ideas of the mainstream scientific nous, which have no solid basis; such as the multiple timelines, parallel universes and the metaphysics of 'free will'.
Again, you are not 'wrong', but in error lol; in 'running with the ideas out there'; without deeper analysis for yourself.

This here could become a post pages long, because you raise very deep issues; so we shall await more specific questions, before delving into the details.
 Your concept of 'what time is' is fundamentally flawed, becasue you mistake the relativity of time in the extended coordinate systems with your qualitative experiences 'living in time'.

See Zoe, you are on the mark with your ideas, but keep meddling with the populist science, such as parallel timelines, without really knowing what the 'flow of the timearrow' represents on the entropic univers asymptotically expanding towards its higher dimensiona finite boundary and using an infinite mechanism to do so.
Iow, the universe has trapped eternity within itself.

But it is easy to talk and write about eternity in qualitative terms and you are to be commended for trying to bring more technical definitions into the generalities; so rendering it more quantitative. Well done butterfly.

Regarding timelines there is an ENCOMPASSING Timeline from the creator-creation monadic dyad, which cannot be meddled with.
It is like the universe as a Seedling universe for the 'parallel universes' (hint); but this is not manifest yet - only the seedling exists as a protoverse.

But within this enveloping NOW-Time (another hint); EVERY incarnated consciousness carrier or 'Cosmic Self' indeed can shape and cocreate individual parallel timelines.
BUT there is something you cannot 'escape from'; you might term it the Word of Love or the World Logos.

I shall not delve into this here, as this is already getting too long and we dont wish to offend too many participators.

As a little extra for you, again this came to me from a very clear and loving alternative source, we are indeed heading for a 'zero point' - called a FULCRUM - where all the divergent paths come back together in one - like many strands of light and it looks like one beautiful explosion of LIGHT. There is a lot of love there and I have been TOLD this is what is intended and it is intended very soon now.

It is NOT a black hole turning into a white hole. It is the END of the 'perturbation' and looping of our lives through the same EVENT to return to our normal state.

Well you are free to attempt to circumvent the emcompassing cosmology in the creation of a greater one - good luck to you Zoe.

On the matter of TIME:
I have been told -repeatedly by a very real person and a very intelligent man in his lifetime that
Time functions as a tunnel around us with past, present and future swirling around and accessible at all times.
It was after he passed away that HE returned to me and told me we were going to come to a FULCRUM and this has been intended all along.

There is no RIP in time when the particle jumps, and time is not disturbed when we are repeating the same event because even though it looks like there are multiple options happening at the same time, they are all a single option in one moment of time which science has managed to record in the above experiments. So there is not a possible clash of the same particle meeting itself.

It seems you fail to understand what a 'Rip in spacetime' is in the essence of the cosmology; but never mind, lol.

I realise there is a part missing here which is: How can we record it all at the same time then? But you have to realise this has now jumped into what might be called Quantum TIME. Which I can only explain as the same event happening at the same time all the time with multiple different results because that time is permenantly swirling around us here and now, past, present and future, the TUNNEL in which we stand.

Aye, we love it when you are teaching us quantum theory.

In all of this, and what is about to happen, you could say that "Time is of the Essence".

There has never been a time before this to share this information. I hope it is what you are looking for.

What makes you think or gives you the idea that we are looking for something?
Perhaps you feel, we are somewhat 'lost academic nerds' who are in search of 'spiritual understanding and wisdoms'?

You would not have proponed what you have, nor referred to your peers and colleagues as you have if you weren't actually looking for another option to the one you have at the moment.

This is a rather presumptious statement butterfly. It seems you have a fear of something, lol!

I will stop here and I hope I receive from you as interesting a reply as I hope you find this one to be.

Love and light,

Love and dark passions to you Zoe




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